The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: ABANGSAPAU


Malay-Sikh Singaporean artist ABANGSAPAU is a 20-year-old Hip-Hop/R&B artist currently residing in Yishun, Singapore. In less than a year since his debut, ABANGSAPAU has amassed a fanbase in the local hip-hop scene, performing at many local shows. Once a wayward youth, ABANGSAPAU believes in the importance of vulnerability, delivering his music candidly but bolstered with swagger.

In his Instagram series 'A Conversation with the Mirror', ABANGSAPAU talks about ego, and questions the rat race to fame in today's hip-hop scene. The videos resonated with many people and has garnered much support within and beyond the local hip hop community.

His latest Single, 'BUAT APE?', has over 13,000 streams across all platforms. In the music video, which fuses traditional Malay music with modern hip hop drums, ABANGSAPAU proudly embraces the sarung - something most people his age no longer wear. Aura, his first single, hit over 13,000 streams across all platforms. It was a fusion of lo-fi hip-hop and electropop, where he rapped about his failed quest for love. Bandwagon called it “one of the best-produced tunes to come out of Singapore in the past five years”. His upcoming Single, 'Clingy', is a fusion of R&B and Hip Hop, where ABANGSAPAU both raps and sings, telling a story of an overzealous significant other.

With ABANGSAPAU’s unpredictable music style and plenty more up his sleeves, one thing is certain: he is here to stay.