The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: ABANGSAPAU


ABANGSAPAU is a Malay-Sikh hip-hop artist who isn’t afraid to challenge the boundaries of the local music scene. He infuses his culture and ethnicity into his music, taking a vulnerable approach to his songwriting process as he reveals honest truths of his past and the challenges he faces in life.

As part of the TGSR journey, ABANGSAPAU discovered his artist DNA – the essence of ABANGSAPAU as an artist. The three pillars to his artistry are authenticity, being forward-thinking and building community. Based on these values, The Great Singapore Replay created a logo, suite of artist photos and a lyric video that truly showcases his brand.

Guided by established artist, Shabir, ABANGSAPAU’s track, titled NOMAD, infuses the sounds of Singapore from the era of 1400s – 1700s with ‘Electronic’ music. Inspired by imagery of the nomads and explorers of the 14th Century, it describes a journey through land and sea, with Orang Laut references, featuring the use of Malay, Punjabi, Arabic and Chinese languages; languages that are part of ABANGSAPAU’s ancestry. He believes that everyone can relate to Nomadism, journeying through life and finding meaning in ourselves and our experiences.