The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: aeriqah


aeriqah is a singer-songwriter who uses honesty to spread compassion through her music. She provides a sense of comfort, suspending moments in time for her listeners and connecting with their emotions. Her pure intentions captured the attention of our five established artists.

Through The Great Singapore Replay, she was able to use these values to create a robust artist brand. Her artist DNA shines through her new logo, artist photos and lyric video.

Tasked with creating an original song taking inspiration from Singapore in 1819 and Urban music, aeriqah was immediately thrown out of her comfort zone. Urban was not a genre she was familiar with and although self-doubt crept in, it quickly faded once she started writing as established artist, Sezairi and the producers at Zendyll Records affirmed her songwriting talent.

Her brand-new song, re:discovery, draws parallels between 1819 Singapore and her exploration of self-identity and ancestry, touching on lost identity and the journey to finding her own roots. It explores how our racial and ethnic identities have evolved. The track’s dynamics and thought-provoking lyrics are sure to start the listeners on a journey of their own self-reflection.