The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: Fingerfunk


Fingerfunk is an electronic, R&B and hip-hop quartet consisting of FRZ, Hisham Tha MC, Leo Goh and Andy Chong. They constantly challenge themselves to push their own creative boundaries in new sounds and music. Ultimately creating a connection with their audience, through catchy melodies, infectious rhythm and purposeful lyrics.

No strangers to writing their own songs and delivering engaging performances, Fingerfunk was used to writing and collaborating among themselves but not with others. With the help from established artist, Sezairi and the producers at Zendyll Records, they incorporated newer perspectives that breathed fresh air into their music.

Creativity, connection and performance are the three integral elements to Fingerfunk’s artist DNA. Being open-minded, they embrace fresh ideas and strive to touch their audiences through their music. Their new logo, artist photos and lyric video, created by The Great Singapore Replay (TGSR), allow Fingerfunk’s essence to shine through.

Fingerfunk’s TGSR original Timeless, was inspired by the sounds of Singapore in the 1300s and the Urban genre. Fusing 1300s traditional instruments such as the Gamelan and Serunai, with a groovy R&B arrangement, Timeless has a cultural,Urban feel, making it a complex, yet catchy track to listen to.