The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: Marcus 李俊纬

Marcus 李俊纬

Marcus is a mandopop singer-songwriter who has the whole package – voice, looks and the ability tug at heartstrings with his music.

Under the guidance of established artist Kelly Pan, Marcus wrote a Pop song inspired by 1300s Singapore. Choosing to play to his strengths, Marcus opted for a ballad. Despite writing his own music before, he initially stumbled upon writer’s block during songwriting week and struggled to write a melody that was catchy enough. With help from Kelly and the producer, he worked through the song inspiration and eventually came to a sweet love song titled 这样的爱 (Sailing).

This song was inspired by Singapore’s landscape in the 1300s - the big tall trees, vast seas and clear skies. One of Marcus’ early melodic ideas was to inspire the feeling of ‘sailing’ and ‘moving forward’.

Marcus’s core values of authenticity, quality and commitment shone through his artist photos, logo and lyric video created through The Great Singapore Replay. These values are integral not only to him as an artist, but also in his personal life.

这样的爱 (Sailing) is a sweet serenade about a young man having to leave his sweetheart behind for a distant destination, not knowing when he would return. Ambient sounds like rustling leaves in the wind, bird calls and water droplets were added to the song to paint a natural landscape; the backdrop for this love story. As the young man prepares to leave, he sings to his sweetheart, assuring her of his commitment to the love they share.