The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: Marian Carmel

Marian Carmel

Marian is an undeniably authentic singer-songwriter with an ethereal voice, and the innate ability to evoke emotion.

Before The Great Singapore Replay, the young singer-songwriter created music from the comfort of her bedroom but felt challenged when faced with writing in the studio.She was, nonetheless, excited to rise to the challenge.

As an artist, Marian wishes to reflect empathy, honesty and growth. Based on these values, The Great Singapore Replay strengthened her branding, producing a logo, photos and lyric video to showcase her artist DNA. During her photoshoot, Marian was pushed out of her comfort zone with a left-field aesthetic, exposing a different side to her, allowing her to explore new facets of her identity.

Paired with established artist, Charlie Lim, Marian wrote a song inspired by Singapore in 1819 and the ‘Indie’ genre. Both daunting yet exciting, this gave her freedom to craft her own unique sound. Marian’s lyrics for Still Here, were written from the perspective of her assigned era, exploring the struggles with identity and healing from a bittersweet period in history. Her soundscapes from this era include ship creaks, ropes, and waves to symbolise longing and departure. The lyrics confess the pains of growing, but conclude with a quiet yet strong acceptance.