The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: NAMIE


NAMIE is a boundlessly creative, captivating and quirky jazz musician taking her listeners on a journey through colours and landscapes that she paints in her music.

Showcasing her colourful personality in her new original track was paramount to NAMIE during the songwriting phase. She was to create an original song inspired by the sounds of Singapore in the 1300s and the Jazz music genre, under the guidance of established artist Joanna Dong.

While NAMIE was able to lock down the melody of the song fairly quickly, Joanna suggested that she take time to think about the lyrics, because with an imagery-filled song, the lyrics would play a larger role.

Creative, fun and authentic – these are the things that make up NAMIE’s artist brand, and are reflected in her new logo, artist photos and lyric video. During the artist photoshoot, NAMIE was spontaneous, even inviting the studio’s cat to join her, being a cat lover herself!

Her new original track, titled Queenfisher, describes a young bird’s journey of overcoming her fears of flying into the unknown. With the help of other birds around her, she eventually musters the courage to fly, alluding to the Kampung Spirit of Singapore that is important for the growth of individuals as well as the community. The entire concept of the song was inspired by the lush nature that was present in Singapore in the 1300s.