The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: RENE


RENE is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who is unpretentious, and straightforwardly honest. Her passions about social justice and equality resonate powerfully through her artistic integrity.

Respect, growth and integrity are the most important values to her as an artist. Having a deep respect for people, strong determination to perfecting her musical craft and uncompromising values make up RENE’s artist DNA. These qualities shine through her creative process, reflecting themselves in her new logo, artist photos and lyric video.

RENE created her original song inspired by Singapore in the 1300s and the Indie music genre. However, she felt a disconnect between her artistry and the initial direction of her song. So, guided by established artist Charlie Lim, she switched to an alt-rock sound and together they steered the music closer to her identity by introducing live instrumentation. The process taught her how to speak up for her artistry while in an environment full of professionals; which can be intimidating for a young artist.

Titled Taking The Blame, RENE’s brand-new original song is high-energy, direct and provoking. The song discusses social sentiments RENE picked up living in Singapore, and captures her reflection on Singapore’s past, her reflection on that relationship with the past, as well as her wishes for Singapore and her people to experience moving forward.