The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: The Cold Cut Duo 雙節奏

The Cold Cut Duo 雙節奏

The Cold Cut Duo 雙節奏, a singer-songwriter band from Singapore, consists of Wilson and Gwendolyn.

The duo released three singles this year:《Take Flight 起飞》,《I’ll Keep Loving You 我會愛著你》and《#Addicted》. Their second single《I’ll Keep Loving You 我會愛著你》hit the charts in Singapore and Taiwan KKBOX, coming in #26 among songs from internationally renowned artists. Their originals are also featured on several Spotify playlists in Singapore and Malaysia.

The Cold Cut Duo 雙節奏 participated in TikTok’s Valentines’ Day Original Song Competition in 2019 and came in 1st place for “Best Original Song” with their song《美麗回憶 Beautiful Memories》. The Cold Cut Duo is also amongst TikTok’s Top 100 artists at position 52 with their song 《Take Flight 起飞》, which has been used by more than 1908 TikTok users across Asia.

They are also well known for their covers on YouTube, with mashups and medleys of electronic and dance music. Their work has been featured by various media companies including YES933, VS Media, and ET Today.

The Cold Cut Duo 雙節奏 is currently preparing to release their first EP next year.