The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: The Cold Cut Duo 雙節奏

The Cold Cut Duo 雙節奏

Always full of energy, The Cold Cut Duo is a mandopop act comprising Gwendolyn and Wilson. The charismatic pair always strives to deliver fun, fresh and entertaining performances.

The Cold Cut Duo started writing their own material only a year before joining The Great Singapore Replay, so they predicted that writing lyrics was going to be a challenge for them. Having to create a song drawing inspiration from Singapore in 1965 – present and the Pop music genre meant that they had to create an incredibly catchy hook for the song. Established artist, Kelly Pan, who is a pop artist herself, provided fresh perspectives to approach songwriting whenever they hit writer’s block. Kelly’s guidance helped them see the entire songwriting process through to completion and created a song that lined up perfectly with their artist brand.

Having fun and Aa positive outlook, and being entertaining are integral to The Cold Cut Duo’s artist DNA, and are three essential values to them as artists. These three characteristics not only shine through in their music but are also reflected in their new artist logo, photos and lyric video, created through The Great Singapore Replay.

Titled 1990, The Cold Cut Duo’s original TGSR track is a retro throwback to the 90s, incorporating sounds of a computer’s starting up chime, the click-clacks of a keyboard and even a mention of then-popular instant messaging application MSN. Fun and catchy, the modern elements of hip-hop and strong beats in the song will definitely get listeners grooving to the music.