The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: whirring


whirring, made up of Aqid and Michelle, is an electro-pop duo that marries pop hooks with electronic soundscapes to make music about the human condition, while inviting listeners to explore their world through their quirky yet relatable personalities.

While preparing to write their new original song, inspired by the sounds of Singapore in the 1300s and the Electronic music genre, they came up with potential melodies and dove into some local Malay legends for stories that could inspire them projecting their emotions from these new perspectives. Established artist Shabir gave them interesting ideas on the arrangement of the song – from the usage of traditional instruments such as the gamelan and gongs to using natural sounds, such as a conch, which turned out to be one of whirring’s favourite elements in the song.

As artists, whirring hopes to tell a narrative, create connections and showcase constant growth. These values are important to them in their artist brand, which are showcased through their music and their new logo, artist photos and lyric video, created through The Great Singapore Replay.

Their track, Departure Song, was heavily inspired by imagery of the sea as it retells the story of Singapore’s founding legend of Sang Nila Utama. It imagines the young prince as an angsty teen, running away from home to make his own destiny against the advice of his royal parents. A haunting yet catchy song, Departure Song has so many layers to peel back and so much to offer to its listeners.