The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: Zalelo


Born in music, Zalelo wears her heart on her sleeve, staying true to herself through her personality and songwriting. She strives for honesty and authenticity in her performances while building genuine and lasting emotional connections with her audiences.

Blessed with powerhouse vocals, Zalelo wanted to write a Jazz-R&B number for her original track, inspired by the sounds of Singapore in the 1900s-1945 and Jazz music. However, during the recording process, she struggled a little to deliver the perfect vocal take. Established artist, Joanna Dong assisted her with vocal exercises that helped warm her voice up in order to achieve her desired vocal effect.

Zalelo values love, commitment and performance above all else as an artist and she hopes to be able to inspire her audiences to be true to themselves. The Great Singapore Replay (TGSR) created her new logo, artist photos and lyric video to showcase just that, bringing out images of both her strength and vulnerability.

Zalelo’s new TGSR track, titled Better, was heavily inspired by the time period of the 1900s to 1945.She wanted her song to emote Singapore's journey of overcoming its many obstacles and reflect elements of discovery, growth and change to be relatable to Singaporeans and Singapore itself. She also added the Rebana and Gambus to reflect her own ancestry and her forefathers who also came to Singapore during that period.