The Great Singapore Replay: Season 2: The Producers


Along with Singapore’s finest artists, the aspiring young talents will be working with top producers to create their songs. These producers, who are well versed in a variety of genres, will help in creating the one-of-a-kind soundtracks inspired by the mashups you voted for.

Meet the producers



Rishanda Wicaksono Singgih is a critically acclaimed producer and music director, currently directing and playing for Afgan (4.1m ig followers, >50m streams) and Marcell (>31m streams).

His production style focuses on the emotional visualization of the song and it’s impact on the listener is undeniable as seen in his works with The Voice Indonesia (Favorite Talent & Reality Show, 2016 Panasonic Gobel Awards ) and Raisa’s (2014 World’s Best Female Artist, World Music Awards) performance at the Java Jazz Festival 2013.

If you think you have seen him playing on stage, you’re not wrong, because he’s also a bassist who plays for Drew and Magenta Orchestra, just to mention a few.

Rishanda is also well known as an influential pioneer who celebrates individuality amongst Indonesian musicians.



Evan is a Berklee Achievement Scholarship Recipient and a MDA Media Education Scheme Scholar.

Throughout his career, his versatility has seen him take on multiple leading roles in every aspect of the music industry. From engineering for David Foster and Nathan East, to composing for brands such as Adidas and Lego.

You might find his signature touch familiar as his recent works involves him co-arranging and co-producing for both 2018 and 2019 National Day Parade Theme Songs and Parade Music under the direction of Dr. Sydney Tan.

He has produced and performed alongside artists such as iNCH, Linying and The Sam Willows with songs totalling to more than 10 million streams.

He has also cross-collaborated with other creatives in the industry, creating multidisciplinary works in collaboration with the likes of artist Sam Lo (SKL0) and urban dance crew O School.



Managing Zendyll’s Music Department, Claire has co-produced The Sam Willow’s only mandarin song “无言” featuring Joanna Dong, and have performed and music directed for RRILEY.

You would most probably have seen some of the advertisements and jingles that she have worked on as she has composed and designed sounds for brands such as Golden Village Cinemas, Facebook and Ebay SG.

Apart from this, she is also the co-founder, producer and songwriter of the Mandarin Award-Winning Band, NEKO Highway 猫速公路. Her band seized the Best Newcomer (Bronze) award for the Global Chinese Golden Charts 2019 held in Beijing and she got to perform on the same stage as prominent Mandopop Artists - Karen Mok (>40m streams), Tanya Chua (>20m streams) and Cyndi Wang (>14m streams).



Since 2012, Luke has taken on multiple roles in the music industry. Though specializing in recording, mixing and mastering, he also has sessioned and produced for several studio projects. Some of the notable local music acts include, Linying (COMPASS Awards Top English Pop Song 2019), THELIONCITYBOY (>3 Million Streams, Spotify, NDP Theme Song 2018), Benjamin Kheng (The Sam Willows) and Aisyah Aziz (Anugerah Planet Muzik Winner).

Luke not only has experience in the studio environment, but in the field of live productions as well. Luke has done backline for major productions such as One Direction, Michael Bolton, Lily Allen and Explosions in the Sky.

Luke’s expertise in sound has also taken him overseas, where he oversaw the live production of local hip-hop duo, CampFire, at major music festivals and conferences such as Zandari Festa in Seoul and Archipelago Festival in Jakarta.



Jason is one of the most sought after music producers in Singapore. From working with top local acts, such as Linying, Narelle Kheng and Gentle Bones, and dropping chart-topping tracks like Jasmine Sokko’s “F5” and “HURT”, each garnering more than 2 million streams, he has swiftly carved his place in the local music industry.

Besides working with top local acts, Jason is passionate in helping the younger generation of music talents. He has mentored up-and-coming artists like YAØ (currently >600,000 streams) and Axel Brizzy (currently >1m streams), who have gone on to chart their own path in the local music scene.

You may have also heard Jason’s production in advertisements for international brands like PUMA and LAZADA.